The Advice And Post-Operative Precautions To Follow After The Completion Of A Nose Job

You have just left the clinic:

  1. It is desirable not to spend the night alone.
  2. You must remain at rest, without agitation for 48 hours after the intervention (no sport, stay at home). You can move around, and you don’t have to stay in bed.
  3. It is desirable to avoid the heat and stay in a cool place.
  4. You just have to follow your surgeon’s medical prescription (put cold around the eyes, clean the outside of the nose, and the inside of the nostrils well).

You must contact your surgeon or the clinic if:

  1. Appearance of a temperature higher than 38.5 ° C (fever).
  2. If you have a very severe headache (usually the procedure is not painful).
  3. If you have a nasal hemorrhage that does not give way to simple nasal compression (it is usual for the nose to bleed moderately after the procedure, for a few days).

What should not worry you:

  1. The shape of the splint on the nose, sometimes it is not perfectly straight, however, the nose remains straight below.
  2. The tip can be very raised after the intervention; this is due to edema. It will gradually descend.
  3. The nostrils may appear asymmetrical; this is often due to retraction by the crusts inside the nose.
  4. The edema (swelling) usually disappears on the 3rd / 4th day after the intervention. From time to time, this edema may persist longer and go down on the cheeks. It has no gravity.

After the dressings have been removed:

  1. You can clean the entire face and nose and makeup to hide the bruises (these disappear completely between 12 and 15 days after the operation).
  2. Avoid the sun (sunscreen ++) so that the nose deflates quickly, and above all, protect any external scars so as not to pigment them.
  3. Avoid taking a direct blow to the nose (certain sports, crowds, etc.). You can resume sport like jogging, bodybuilding, cycling…
  4. After six weeks, the nose is well consolidated. You can resume all your sports activities.
  5. You can put your glasses back on. If this causes a mark due to the edema, interpose a piece of compress between the nose and the glasses.